Wide Stave Worktops

Bring a slice of nature into your home with one of our stunning handcrafted wide stave worktops from our factory in Devon.

These incredible worktops showcase the natural beauty and warmth of wood whilst providing a durable, long lasting work surface designed to stand the test of time.

Our wide stave worktops feature long staves (also known as planks) which run the whole length of the worktop - giving a seamless calm appearance. Staves can vary in width from 75mm to 200mm and are machined to within fractions of a millimetre, to create a finger joint with maximum strength and stability.

We truly believe in sustainability which is why we only use certified timber to produce our worktops – giving you total peace of mind that the trees harvested in the production of your worktop are replanted or allowed to regenerate naturally, with respect for the environment, the wildlife and the people who live and work in the forests.

For us it’s not just about the timber or the machining process, we understand that for a truly perfect wooden worktop, it is crucial to have a finish which protects and enhances the natural characteristics of the wood. Therefore, not only do we use the very latest sanding technology from Finland, to ensure perfect preparation but we have spent decades researching and developing a long-lasting, durable and easy to apply finish with our finishing partner in Germany - Saicos.

Our passion for wooden worktops cannot be beaten and this shows in every worktop we produce.

If you can’t see exactly what you are looking for on our website – please do get in touch by phone or email to discuss your requirements