Choose your Thickness

Our Block Style worktops are made by hand selecting comb jointed blocks which are then glued together forming these stunning worktops. Each piece is graded for character, colour, and grain pattern producing a high quality worktop for your kitchen. The blocks are 40mm wide and will vary in length between 250 & 450mm giving around 14-16 staves on an average width kitchen worktop.

Beech is both strong and hard wearing allowing us to produce beautiful worktops for your kitchen. It is also one of the less expensive species meaing it is perfect for projects with a tight budget. Beech has a fine, short grain that produces an excellent finish and is particularly strong. Our Beech is lightly steamed to reduce movement once installed which also produces its pale pink-brown colours.

Prime/Select Grade worktops will have a more uniform appearance than other grades, the grain will tend to be straighter, colours more consistent and harmonious, and will be almost entirely knot free.