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Our Wide Stave worktops are manufactured by hand using the finest African, European, and North American timber, creating a beautiful and individual kitchen worktop. Every worktop features wide, long staves which run the whole length of the worktop. This construction allows us to show the natural beauty of the wood and gives a more traditional look. The staves will vary in width across each worktop, typically 100-200mm.

Iroko is often referred to as 'African Teak' despite not being related to the Teak family. Its association is due its similarity in appearance and attributes and is considered a low-cost alternative. It is naturally rich in oils making it very durable and particularly suited for use in kitchens and bathrooms. When freshly cut or sanded Iroko is a light golden colour but will quickly darken to a deep chocolatey brown.

Nature Grade worktops are designed to show off the natural characteristics of each timber. Some colour and grain variation will appear and small knots can be present, the extent of any variation will differ between species.