Block Style End Grain - Zebrano

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Manufactured by hand in our Devon factory, we use the end grain of the wood from our Block Style worktops to produce an affordable End Grain worktop. They offer a hard wearing and resilient surface and reveal characteristics not seen in long grain worktops. Please note that during the manufacturing process the comb joints may be exposed on the edges or top face of the worktop. This is perfectly normal and does not detract from the performance of the worktop.

Zebrano, or Zebrawood as it is often called, is an African timber characterised by dark black or brown stripes on a lighter background. This lends the timber a unique appearance and Zebrano worktops tend to be very visually striking. If you are looking for a statement worktop or centrepiece then Zebrano is one of the most distinctive timbers available and will make an ideal addition to your home.