Block Style Worktop - Walnut

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Our Block Style worktops are made by hand selecting comb jointed blocks which are then glued together forming these stunning worktops. Each piece is graded for character, colour, and grain pattern producing a high quality worktop for your kitchen. The blocks are 40mm wide and will vary in length between 250 & 450mm giving around 14-16 staves on an average width kitchen worktop.

Walnut is a popular choice for worktops and other interior woodwork as it is easy to work with and for its distinctive grain pattern and colours. Walnut predominantly contains a mixture of deep browns but also has shades of grey and even purple. These darker tones are contrasted by the light, even white, colour of the sapwood. The grain pattern can be quite irregular with occasional wild swirling patterns.

Nature Grade worktops are designed to show off the natural characteristics of each timber. Some colour and grain variation will appear and small knots can be present, the extent of any variation will differ between species.