At Puretree, we work with wood from around the world to produce quality, bespoke and beautiful worktops – for your home.

We are experts in working with wood, having manufactured and produced worktops in our factory for over 100 years and as a result, we understand how to design and manufacture truly stunning worktops.

Despite the fact that we’ve been doing this for so many years, we are continually developing the way that we work –simply because we are striving to deliver the best possible products for our customers.

Each piece of wood is chosen by human hand so that we can select the right pieces for you and we do this for a number of the processes to ensure the quality of the final piece. However, there are a couple of processes where detailed precision is vital to the final piece and the human hand doesn’t deliver the best results. For those processes, we use the latest technology to achieve this. It’s the perfect partnership.

What sets us apart is that we also offer an end to end service. From sourcing the wood to producing the worktops in our purpose built 50,000 square foot timber machining mill to delivering the end product straight to our customers – we handle it all with no outsourcing to external companies. Why? We want to make sure that our product and the service that we provide to you is second to none.

It’s all about word of mouth

We are incredibly proud of the fact that a majority of our customers come to us as a result of personal recommendations. And with customers throughout the UK and even around the world, we’re very pleased that they are so happy with the products that we make.